You can create your own games easily with amazing applications 素晴らしいソフトウェア達で簡単に正男を制作!

Using some free SuperMasao editor applications, you can create your original SuperMasao's map data without knowledge of specific programming languages. Also there is an application which supports a SuperMasao posting service. Let's check them out!


This is the simple editor for this website, developed by Tex. The editor works on modern browser, so you can use it with the Windows, Mac, Linux and whatever operating systems has browser. Supporting the "masao-json-format" as an data format, you can edit more detailed with an applications below.

当サイト(管理人:Tex)が開発したシンプルな正男エディタです。ブラウザ上で動作するため最新のブラウザさえあればWindows、Mac、Linux等OSを問わず動作します。 「masao-json-format」を保存形式に採用している、下記で紹介する他の正男エディタで読み込めばより細かな編集が可能です。


MEME (the Most Essential Masao Editor) is the most forefront SuperMasao editor, developed by uhyo. It supports Javascript extension and newest version SuperMasao features such as "Third map data" and "Custom parts". The editor also works on modern browser.

MEME (the Most Essential Masao Editor) はuhyo氏によって開発されている最も最先端な正男エディタです。「第3マップデータ」「カスタムパーツ」といった正男の最新バージョンの機能に対応し、JS拡張もサポートしています。 こちらもブラウザ上で動作します。

This is also developed by uhyo. The editor also works on modern browser, and supports his SuperMasao web posting service "".



Side (Supermasao Integrated Development Environment) is a high-functional SuperMasao edior for Windows, developed by Karno. The development is over, but now urotaichi provides a runtime for a new version.

Side (Supermasao Integrated Development Environment) は高機能なWindows用正男制作ソフトウェアです。Karno氏によって開発され、開発終了後の現在はurotaichi氏によって更新されています。